When I was 13 years old I woke to the alarming sound of my parents screaming for us children to get out of the house. I experienced the worst possible senario. My house was on fire. I had an evacuation plan in place and I used it. My family and I met in the front yard and watched our home being taken from us from a fire. From that momment on I made it my mission to help families from having the risk of this tramadic event. At 18 years old I joined an amazing team outside Albany Ny and learned how to get my hands dirty, 22 years later I am here writing this to you. To find a local certified chimney sweep in your area go to www.csia.org and search for a sweep!!

Cambridge Stove And Chimney is chimney and stove service company located in the small quite town of Cambridge NY, home of the Cambridge Balloon Festival. CS&C provides csia certified sweeps to evaluate your current venting systems. Our technician will give the proper inspections nessessary to assure the customers fireplace or appliance is venting properly. We will also discuss ways to better heat your home more efficiancy, and offer many ways to do so. Just ask our tech!!

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